jenny p1

These poems are dedicated to Jenny...(by her cousin Raymond Cho)

Poem #1

jenny smiling


"Only time can tell when we will meet again
Only time will tell if I will see you at all
But even though that day has not come I will continue to wait...
I will never forget our times shared together
I will never forget your smile, your warmth as I go through each day happy or sad or other feelings
I will remember you and continue to cherish life
Only time will tell if we shall meet
Only time will  tell if I will run through my scariest nightmare and find you again"

Poem #2

jenny front


"Life is sweet I missed you so much but if I saw you...
My life would be as sweet as any honey...
But as the wind blew...
I knew it was only a dream...
When I saw you...
I wished you were safe but...
You disappeared into the mist and I could never see you again....
I wish that day would come when I shall see you and a sweeter life shall come back again...."

Poem #3

jenny front2


"There was once a girl named jenny
She grew up full of goals
Lightened up everyday
Made her family at happier state
She loved and cared
She particapated shared her life full of space
Had a a lot of grace
A girl full of spirit
A girl named Jenny
My cousin..."

Poem #4

jenny smiling2

"Forever in my Heart"

"As time goes, we will still be together
Just hanging around as we speak
We will never leave each other
Even as we might not see one another
We shall be together
No matter how far apart we may be
I know you will always be forever in my heart"

Poem #5

jenny jenlw

"So near yet so far"

"You seemed to be near me...
But when i looked...I couldn't see
Where you were
I felt your warm eyes near
Looking over here
Right at me
Or maybe...
I was seeing something else far you might seem...
But near me and will always gleam...."

Poem #6

jenny poem6


"As I look through the past
I see you standing next to me
Missing the times we shared
As I stand still with eyes glared
Looking at the past
Miss your warm smile
Miss your warm hug
If you could be closer than a mile
Even if your spirit is a bug
All I need is you
But my heart is blue"